Recap: Potty Training Panel

This past weekend Gemini Crickets hosted their general meeting, and it was all about potty training.

Here were a couple of thoughts from people who attended:

"I loved hearing about the different experiences from the panel. Hearing about Karla’s struggles with her girls and her modified approach with her son definitely made me think about my approach with my more recalcitrant son!"

"I learned you should not put a coffee filter in a kids' potty, just to save yourself from scraping out poop, and then flush it down the toilet."

All in all, the general meeting was well received. The turnout was great, and people seemed to come away with good information! People even walked away with raffled off prizes. For those who were unable to attend, here are some links to some resources that were brought up at the panel:

Gemini Crickets Potty Tips

Bye Bye Diapers for Multiples

Did you go? Did you learn anything new or interesting that you want to share with the rest of us? Feel free to comment below!

#pottytraining #educationalseminar #generalmeeting

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