March 6, 2019

Michelle Codding & Sarah Kee


Seeing Double? Gemini Crickets Families of Multiples Silicon Valley to Become Silicon Valley Twins & Triplets

South Bay nonprofit club updates name and logo to better serve families of multiples

San Jose, California, March 6, 2019​ - Today, the leading South Bay non-profit club for families of twins, triplets, and more today announced that it has officially changed its name to Silicon Valley Twins & Triplets.

“We’ve continued to successfully increase our presence and membership in our community, but our legal name ‘Gemini Crickets Families of Multiples Silicon Valley’ does not sufficiently reflect who we are and what we do,” said Sarah Kee, Co-President. “Silicon Valley Twins & Triplets provides the community with a shorter club name that’s easier to understand, and showcases our geographic location, a hub for technological innovation.”

The organization’s new name, “Silicon Valley Twins & Triplets”, will provide current and prospective members clarity and vision for the organization’s future and involvement in the Silicon Valley community. ​The club’s new logo pays homage to the Silicon Valley tech community with twin robots, replacing the previous twin crickets graphic.

“Through our interactions with the public, we have been frequently told that the name was confusing,” said Sheila Collins, Secretary and Co-Chair of Fundraising. “We also liked the idea of including Silicon Valley in the name while making it much more direct.”

According to data from the National Center for Health Statistics, the rate of multiples being born in the U.S. is at an all-time high. The trend is evident in the Santa Clara Valley as well; the club currently represents 152 families of multiples throughout Silicon Valley, with an increase from last year. The organization hopes to increase membership to align with the organic growth rate of multiple births, and the name change is a key part of that effort.

“Families with twins and triplets rely on a supportive tribe to survive high-risk pregnancies, overcome the difficult newborn phase, juggle work and family life, and find appropriate play areas and educational opportunities for toddlers and youth,” said Outreach Coordinator Katie Schneider. “With so many transplants, families in this area often lack family nearby. Silicon Valley Twins & Triplets exists to build a strong, supportive community of parents to raise happy, healthy children together.”

About Silicon Valley Twins & Triplets (Formerly Gemini Crickets)

Silicon Valley Twins & Triplets is a community-based, non-profit organization with a history that started in 1971 as Gemini Crickets Families of Multiples. It supports families with the unique experience of parenting twins, triplets, or more by building community, serving others, fostering leadership, and welcoming diverse families. The organization provides education and companionship for parents of multiples, social opportunities for children and support for families in need.