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NOTE: During COVID-19 all of our meetings are being hosted virtually

New and Expectant Parent Meetings

The first year with multiples is a whirlwind! Between all the feedings, diaper changes, and parent sleep deprivation, just getting out of the house can seem impossible. We are here as a support group catered to your families with multiples 12 months or younger. Babies are welcome to attend. We don’t mind crying, diaper changing, or nursing during the meeting. Members and non-members are all welcome to join.

This group meets the first Saturday of the month to support each other as new and expectant parents of multiples. Join us in an informal meet up setting to trade ideas on topics like helping your babies sleep longer, feeding and diapering techniques, childcare support, and connecting with your partner during this busy time in life. Guest speakers and veteran parents of multiples fresh from the “front lines” visit the group from time-to-time for lively Q&A sessions.

Email to sign up for the next meeting!  

General Meetings/Parent Education

Love reading up on parenting techniques? Silicon Valley Twins & Triplets enlists the help of expert educators and our own veteran parents group to schedule talks and panels on parenting topics. Whether it’s infant sleep or potty training, marriage after multiples or picking a preschool, we’ve got your covered with these meetings. They're social and informative! Check our calendar for the next upcoming general meeting.

Social Events

Being a part of Silicon Valley Twins & Triplets is also about having fun. Whether it’s family time, couple time, or parent time, we offer a number of activities to keep us all entertained. Social events give us a chance to make new friends and catch up with old ones.

Please check our events calendar to see the latest events we have planned. 


During COVID-19, we are finding many ways to stay connected virtually. 

Or for any questions or comments regarding one of our events, please contact our Events Coordinator at

All-Club Playdates

All-club playdates are the perfect opportunity for parents to observe what their lives may be like in the coming years by conversing with other parents as the little ones run around. On occasion, our club hosts all-club playdates, where all playgroup years are invited. Families with school aged children, families with infants or toddlers, and even families that are expecting, get together to enjoy the benefits of meeting other families with multiples. Refreshments and seasonal craft activities are usually provided.

During COVID-19, we are staying connected via virtual meet-ups, chat and our club Facebook page. 

Exclusive Snow Closet

Ever think about taking your kids to visit the snow, but don't want to invest money into clothes and gear that your children will only wear once or twice? Take advantage of our exclusive snow closet - a donation driven collection of snow boots, jackets, bibs, and gloves in baby through young school age sizes.

Garage Sale

Due to COVID-19, we are not hosting our garage sale in person.  However all club members have access to our 'always on' forum for buying and selling items via our SVTT Swap page on Facebook.  It's a great place to buy & sell ALL the clothing and gear that come with multiples! 

Sell gently used children's clothing and gear or come prepared to shop for everything you need at our biannual garage sale. Members receive a discount for a garage sale space rental. Typically,15-20 families sell their used clothing, gear, baby furniture, toys and books at a TBD location.

Stay up to date with our future garage sales, by checking our events calendar. Email for more information or to reserve your spot. 


Mentorship Program

Whether you already have children or this is your first time, there are many questions unique to raising multiples. With our mentorship program, we do our best to connect you with another parent within SVTT who is willing to share advice about pregnancy, delivery, nursing, sleep strategies, and much more.  

If you're interested, please fill out our Mentorship Program application, and our Mentorship Coordinator will reach out to you shortly.

Field Trips


New to the area? Need a reason to get out of the house? Come along on one of our field trips. We have hit up local parks, kid-friendly museums, community farms, and beaches just to name a few. If it's family friendly and lots of fun, we are up for that adventure. 

Visit new places while making new friends!

Meal Trains

Those overwhelming first weeks at home with new babies can be all-consuming for new parents. Meal trains are volunteer-provided meals that are available for every new family of multiples.  Not only will fantastic meals be delivered to your doorstep during those couple of weeks when you are trying to adjust to life with newborn multiples, but you’ll meet some supportive members.

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