Silicon Valley Twins & Triplets formerly known as Gemini Crickets was established in 1971 by mothers who got together with their twins and created a casual playgroup. The organization was first publicly noted as "Gemini Cricketts"; there were two "T"s to represent twins - clever! Over time, the organization grew its number of members by word of mouth and handwritten/typed letters that were sent out via snail mail. It offered more playgroups and support to mothers who were going through the special experience of raising twins. Upon further establishment of the organization, educational and philanthropy resources, as well as social events, and online forums were added to Gemini Crickets.


The name was later changed to Gemini Crickets, Parents of Multiples to be more inclusive of fathers in the family. However, shortly after that, the name was changed again to be more inclusive of the dynamics of the club. Gemini Crickets, Families of Multiples became its new name. 

To further address the changing landscape of the community we serve, Gemini Crickets, Parents of Multiples of the Silicon Valley was renamed to Silicon Valley Twins & Triplets in March 2019.

Now, Gemini Crickets prides itself in building community, serving others, fostering leadership, and welcoming diverse family to connect and support families in the unique experience of parenting and raising multiples in the Silicon Valley.

Below is a gallery of photos given to the club from a former member from an event taken place in the 1980s. If you are a former member or have any photos/documents pertaining to Gemini Crickets prior to 2000, please contact us info@geminicrickets.org. We'd love to hear from you!