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 The experience of parenting multiples poses unique challenges and tremendous rewards. Silicon Valley Twins & Triplets is here for you! We focus on supporting you and your family. 

  • Parents who have “been there” offer real-world advice and resources.

  • Online forums and social media keep you connected to our community when you "can’t get out of the house".

  • Workshops on various topics (such as sleeping for parents and babies, syncing infant schedules, selecting schools, using positive discipline, etc.) provide help when you need it.

  • Friendships blossom and thrive among parents, as well as children in playgroups.

  • Social events celebrate our common journey as families of multiples.

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  • New Members: $55/year with a 3 month free trial

  • Members: $55/year

  • School-Age (Kindergarten +) : $25/year


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