Silicon Valley Twins & Triplets (formerly Gemini Crickets) supports families in the unique experience of parenting multiples - twins, triplets, and beyond in the Silicon Valley, Bay Area.


Building community: We sponsor social events, educational meetings, playgroups, online forums and groups, and meet-ups for parents. We share ideas and resources with each other, connect with other families, and most of all, have fun, as our multiples grow.


Serving others: We support families with the many practical challenges of raising multiples by offering meal trains for families with new babies, swaps and sales of gently-used clothing and gear, and a philanthropy program for families in need.


Fostering leadership: We offer opportunities to serve on our all-volunteer Board, which provides vision, organization, and on-the-ground support for all club activities.


Welcoming diverse families: We respect social and cultural differences and welcome families with diverse structures.


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Thank you to our sponsors, donors, and partners!

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